RAW 10 Action Figure Cy-Gor 40 cm

  • EAN: 787926900651
  • Výrobní číslo: MCF90065-1
CY-GOR is the pinnacle of what the Robotic Animal Weapon (RAW) science labs created. He is the perfect combination of beast and machine. Designed as a test subject for RAW\'s newest cybernetic enhancements, CY-GOR exceeded his potential to become RAW\'s greatest success. His brute strength is augmented with metallic muscles and his intellect, instincts and reflexes are perfectly tuned with his built-in combat matrix. He was created to be a next-gen warrior. Now, the perfect weapon is on the loose and out of control.

Product Features:

- Move Cy-Gor\'s arms, legs and head!
- Figure comes with a FREE mini comic poster
- Collect additional figures from the wave: Fren-Z, Battlesnake and Raptar. Figures sold separately

Size: 40 x 13 x 10 cm