Oakie Doakie Dice RPG Set Metal Glow in the Dark - Druid\'s Blaze (7)

  • EAN: 4056133701488
  • Výrobní číslo: ODD500052
These dice are made from metal which you can tell by their slightly greater weight. Another specialty feature is the sides which glow in the dark. Try it: Turn your lights off, and the dice turn on!\r\n\r\nThe Role-playing Game Sets consist of 7 different dice: D6, D4, 2x D10 (steps of 1 and steps of 10), D8, D20 and D12. They come packed in strong boxes with extendable shelves so you can easily take them with you and play wherever you want to.\r\n\r\nUltimate Guard® compatible :\r\nThe shelves in which the dice come packaged fit perfectly into the Ultimate Guard® Twin Flip\'n\'Tray 160.