Mobile Suit Gundam G.M.G. Action Figure Earth Federation Army 06 Sayla Mass 10 cm

  • EAN: 4535123832468
  • Výrobní číslo: MEHO832468
We are excited to annouce that we came up with vol.4 for G.M.G.(Gundam Millitary Generation) series! The vol.4 installment is a pilot wearing a normal suit with the theme of hand to hand combat and cockpit, which is based on the image of the final battle of A Baoa Qu.

Soldier 06 Sayla Mass is fully painted and about 10cm tall. (1/18 scale) The basic set includes helmet head and replacement wrists (6 types), the Earth Federation Army service pistol M71, holster, side pouches (2 types), harness, and attache case (with gold nuggets) are included as special parts You can reproduce the cockpit of the core fighter by arranging the bonus parts attached to 04 to 06. I would like you to experience the spread of G.M.G. with your own hands.

06 Sayla Mass comes with a cockpit floor, cockpit seat, and 4 point seat belt as bonus parts.