Hexa Gear Plastic Model Kit 1/24 Sieg Springer 28 cm

  • EAN: 4934054030880
  • Výrobní číslo: KTOHG084
Combat preparation complete. Start your engines.

Model Specifications:
¦ Details of the artificial muscle units have been carefully sculpted to make a more organic silhouette compared to previous third generation HEXA GEAR.
¦ Exchange the head unit and step unit to mount the governor on the front like a centaur.
¦ The tail unit is flexible and can be arranged into \"sprinter mode\" by attaching the included effect parts.
¦ The model has a deployable hard point on the abdomen where various armor parts can be attached to make an original customized model.
¦ The humerus of the forefoot comes in two types; one with emphasis on appearance and the other on customizability. You can use them according to your preference.
¦ The head sensor is pre-painted, allowing you to build the model close to the finished image just by assembling.
¦ The color scheme of this model is black, gunmetal, and clear.
*The black is the same color as VOLTREX WRATH and the Gunmetal is the frame color commonly used within the HEXA GEAR series.

Included Items:
¦ Step Unit x1
¦ Boost Effect Parts x2
¦ Forefoot Customization Parts (left and right) x1
¦ 3mm Joint Parts x2
¦ Archive Card x1