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Game of Thrones Deluxe Stationery Set House Lannister

  • EAN: 9781608876044
  • Katalogové číslo: ISC87604
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In the land of Westeros, a timely message dispatched via raven can make the difference between winning a battle and losing your kingdom. This deluxe stationery set, themed to avaricious house Lannister provides all the items you will need to communicate with friends, bannermen, and faraway Maesters. House Lannister is just one of three available sets-the series also includes House Targaryen, and House Stark.\n\nThis deluxe collectible set includes:\n\n- 192-page ruled journal\n- wax stamp \n- two wax sticks\n- letter-writing paper\n- envelopes\n- paperweight \n\nTaking fans even further into the world of HBO\'s Game of Thrones, this stationery set is a must-have for fans and anybody who needs to stay one step ahead of rival Houses!