Frame Arms Girl Plastic Model Kit Handscale Girl Gourai with MechatroWeGo Brown 13 cm --- DAMAGED PACKAGING

  • EAN: 87146335
  • Výrobní číslo: KTOFG074DAP
Damaged packaging

A model of 20 MechatroWeGo by Hasegawa Co., Ltd. in a special brown variant that matches Kotobukiya\'s Hand Scale Gourai is now available!

Model Specifications:
·20 MechatroWeGo \"Brown\" coloration matches Hand Scale Gourai
·Hand Scale Gourai can ride inside of 20 MechatroWeGo \"Brown\"
·Additional parts for Hand Scale Gourai to reassemble and match with 20 MechatroWeGo \"Usumidori\" (light green) are also included in this kit.
*20 MechatroWeGo \"Usumidori\" (light green) is not included in this kit. Product is sold separately.

Damaged packaging. Product itself is not damaged